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    Health Studies
    In the Health Studies program, students have the opportunity to explore diverse and controversial topics in health. Core topics include healthful living, drugs and society, community health, consumer health, sexuality, nutrition and foundations of health education and promotion.

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    Massage Therapy
    The field of Massage Therapy is a rapidly growing and highly diversified profession that includes valuable methods of healthcare, injury and rehabilitation treatment, athletic training support, and a wide range of spa services. This career path will provide students with the education to enter into the massage therapy profession.

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    Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy

    Medical Assistant - Medical Assistants are multi-skilled allied health professionals who
    perform a wide range of roles in physicians’ offices, clinics, hospitals, HMOs, medical
    insurance agencies, and other healthcare settings. They are cross-trained and proficient
    in a multitude of administrative and clinical duties. Their versatility makes them
    employable and they are viewed by providers as vital members of the healthcare delivery

    Phlebotomist - This program will prepare you for employment in the medical laboratory
    industry, ready to collect blood and other specimens for diagnostic testing, transfusions,
    research, and blood donations. The specimens you will gather play an important role in
    the diagnostics and treatment of patients. Courses in biology, First Aid, CPR, patient
    communication, coupled with clinical procedures and phlebotomy practicum will prepare
    you for immediate entry-level employment. Our alumni have gained employment in
    hospitals, laboratories, donation centers, physicians’ offices, clinics, and other health-care

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    Nursing and Practical Nursing

    Nursing - The Nursing program educates individuals who will provide safe, patient-centered holistic nursing care in today’s diverse healthcare environment. Graduates are prepared to excel in a variety of settings as NCCC offers clinical experiences at local hospitals, health care facilities and community agencies. Our curriculum is one of the most competitive programs in Western New York, cultivating future nurses to be some of the most dependable, compassionate, and knowledgeable healthcare providers in our community.

    Practical Nursing - The Practical Nursing certificate program educates individuals who will provide safe, patient-centered holistic nursing care in today’s diverse healthcare environment. NCCC offers clinical experiences at local hospitals, health care facilities and community agencies. Graduates are prepared to excel in a variety of healthcare settings or enroll in the AAS in nursing.

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    Physical Education Studies and Personal Training

    Physical Education Studies - The Physical Education Studies program prepares students
    for success in Pre-K to 12 Physical Education teacher preparation programs. Courses are
    offered in a seamless sequence that meets the SUNY General Education requirements.
    Students learn firsthand about their career path through multiple opportunities for
    professional development that include shadowing professional educators in Western
    New York schools. The coordination of classroom learning and practical experiences
    lead to solid transfer opportunities at four-year institutions.

    Personal Training - This two-semester program will serve those who would like to work
    in the fitness industry as personal trainers. Core courses of Personal Training, Nutrition
    and Healthful Living make up the core of the curriculum. The life sciences component
    of Human Biology paired with the elective, Kinesiology, prepares students with a practical
    and applicable understanding of the human body.

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    Physical Therapist Assistant

    Physical Therapist Assistants implement the plan of care developed by the physical therapist. This plan of care includes skills that help patients improve their movement and function, as well as decreasing pain. Students will develop skills in all facets of physical therapy including therapeutic exercise, functional training, and heat, hydro and electrotherapy.


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    Radiologic Technology

    This program is designed to prepare students for entry-level skills required of
    Radiologic Technologists. NCCC’s competitive Radiologic Technology program
    includes lecture, laboratory, and extensive clinical experience. As technology
    advances, Radiologic Technologists are at the forefront of cutting-edge medical
    procedures, contributing to high quality healthcare. Upon graduation, students are
    eligible to apply for the national certification examination and enter the radiologic technology career field.

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    Surgical Technology

    Surgical Technology is a rapidly growing field, assisting surgeons and the surgical team prepping patients for surgery. Our program provides experience within our on campus laboratory simulated operating room and through various off-site clinical experiences. Each course is taught by Certified Surgical Technologists who are ready to “prep” the incoming class of future certified surgical technologists.


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